Weekly Wringer 103: TWD vs. Resident Evil

In this episode the Commodore discusses the zombie question from last week involving Resident Evil vs the Walking Dead. After pulling in his own perspective on this clash of zombie universes, he asks a question for next week about the games you play on the go. It’s the Weekly Wringer!


  • Red Mage Red Mage
    Posted March 17, 2014 at 9:24 AM | Permalink

    What genres do I play on a handheld when I’m not playing at home? Honestly, I usually continue playing whatever I’m playing at home (I do most of my handheld gaming at home) as long as it has a quicksave option. Quicksave is a wonderful option that makes a time consuming option like a jrpg something one can jump in and out of fairly quickly. However, I think there are certain genres that lend themselves better to mobile gaming than others.

    I think it also depends on the nature of trip. On a long vacation trip, pretty much anything goes for those long flights and killing time in a hotel room. There’s very little time restriction in those situations so even the most time consuming jrpg or adventure game can be suitable to play in that scenario.

    Waiting in a room for a doctor appointment for a couple of minutes or in line at the bank where only 10-15 minutes are available, an jrpg or action-adventure is probably not the best choice. Something arcade-style, puzzle or a platformer is probably best. Anything with short levels that can be beaten within a few minutes makes for a mobile gaming experience that is easy to jump in and out of quickly. Pac-Man Championship, Wario Ware Twisted and even a few races in Mario Kart are all mobile experiences that one can pick up for a few minutes and still have a good time.

  • Posted March 17, 2014 at 9:22 PM | Permalink

    I play Football Manager all the time on my mobile. Why?

    The gameplay is static, which makes it very handy for touchscreen controls. I tried playing Sonic on my mobile and I hated the controls.

    Other action games as well. I don’t feel they work with a touchscreen for me. Tetris, the same thing. I love Tetris. I mean really love Tetris but the touchscreen controls made me make mistakes I’d never make on gameboy or pc.

    Another reason I like Football Manager is you can it for the entire football season. So it has longevity and at the same time it’s excellent because you can easily play it in short bursts.

    You have 5 minutes to kill? Great, you don’t need more to play one match.

    Recently I tried Tiny Death Star because I like Star Wars. And I found it to work very well to.

  • DTX180
    Posted March 18, 2014 at 12:45 AM | Permalink

    To me, there are two ways to go for this.

    Back in the days of car trips with the family, RPGs like Pokemon Red/Blue, Final Fantasy Legend(s) and Adventure/Puzzle games like Zelda reigned supreme. My family rarely flew places, we drove all across the northeast as a kid for vacations. Sometimes I’d sit in a car for 8-10 hours, giving me tons of game time. Strategy games like Advance Wars woulda been played a lot, but that was a bit past the age of car trips for me.

    Now that im in my late 20s (yuck), most of my gaming on the go genres revolve around platformer games like marios and donkey kong country ports on the GBA (still reppin the gba lol), or cell phone trivia apps. Mainly when I have a spare minute or two I’ll pick it up and play. Now that I have to do the driving, I dont have the long bursts of free time on car trips anymore for the RPGs.

    So ya, I’d say these days its more pick up in quick burst type games.

  • lucktacular lucktacular
    Posted March 18, 2014 at 2:19 AM | Permalink

    Most of my handheld gaming is done at home, so when I’m on the go, the genres are just what I was playing already at home. These include platformers (Rayman or Castlevania Dracula X), beat-’em-ups (Dragon’s Crown), shooters (Killzone: Mercenary), and most especially RPGs. I have a Vita, so I have a huge library of great RPGs from Persona 4 Golden, to the massive PSP collection of RPGs (Lunar: Silver Star Harmony) and classic PS1 titles (Final Fantasy 1-9 + Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, etc). I also use remote play to play PS4 games on it.

    Even though RPGs (especially the older ones) aren’t really designed for short bursts of play, it doesn’t matter. I can simply tap the power button on my Vita and it will go into sleep mode. When I come back, I’m exactly where I left off (much like closing the lid on a DS). No need to save the game at save points that may be few and far between.

  • skysamfreeman
    Posted March 18, 2014 at 1:49 PM | Permalink

    Point and click adventure games. On my phone I’ve got all the Humongous Entertainment games that have been re-released on iOS. Even though I’m not in the target age group of those games anymore, they’re still fun to play for a rush of nostalgia and a great way to kill time. But also games like Myst, Riven, and The 7th Guest are good too. They’re easy to put away and pick right back up. If you’re trying to find a solution to a puzzle and think you might have figured it out, you don’t have to wait to come home to see if you’re right. Other than that I don’t really play much mobile games unless on long trips. For those I use my 3DS to play Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, etc.

  • mrandycretin mrandycretin
    Posted March 20, 2014 at 6:31 PM | Permalink

    i don’t do a lot of gaming on the go. i usually play a handheld at home. so my handhelds are mostly devoted to jrpgs. your dragon quests and your pokemons.

    i own a 3ds, and the only times i tend to leave my house with it are when i’m going to be waiting in say..a barber shop, doctor’s office, tattoo parlor..those kind of places. a waiting room setting. i just don’t feel comfortable carrying around a $100 toy with me.

    but when i DO take it with me..when i AM in those waiting rooms, i go for my eshop games. those nes and indie titles that i can enjoy in little bites. punch out and donkey kong come to mind.
    i recently purchased donkey kong jr, sat down to play it, ran through the stages a few times, and was disappointed with my purchase. it didn’t fit my needs in the way other games do.

    but then about a week or so later, i found myself waiting in a barber shop for a few friends to get hair cuts. i’d brought my 3ds. that was the time for donkey kong jr. i was totally stoked that i’d gotten it and had it in my pocket to play while i waited.

    i can’t just play an rpg for 15 minutes at a time. i don’t get much enjoyment out of it. if i open my saved game that i’ve invested 30 hours into, to play for a few minutes, and then close it…my brain doesn’t have time to adjust to that setting. i accomplish nothing.

    so in those few cases that i’m partaking in (what i assume you mean by) mobile gaming, i need those snack-sized games. if i have to pick one, it’s definitely Punch Out!! from the eshop. i can k.o. a huge fella or two, and easily put it away to pick up where i left off another time.

  • punch_a_bunch_a_buttons punch_a_bunch_a_buttons
    Posted March 21, 2014 at 3:46 AM | Permalink

    I really dont like to play on the go. I tried but it’s not for me.

    If had a laptop (not even my huge note 2) and a 12 hour flight just like the one I’m about to take in 10 days, then i would say any of my favorites from the SNES era with … the big-E….. (blasphemy?).

    No genre for me, coz on the go games are not enjoyable for their worth. I recently pushed a friend to play Chrono Trigger and it hurts me to see him play it on the go. It’s supposed to be played on a big screen in the comfort of home and enjoyed the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Mobile games like Angry Birds are not enjoyable… they are repetitive, mind numbing and a pain… In my humble opinion.

    If i really had to push it and give you a direct answer i would say puzzle genre. Tetris more then anything. Because puzzle games actually works ones brain.

  • KuraraII KuraraII
    Posted March 22, 2014 at 6:05 PM | Permalink

    I don’t play on the go. I’m either driving, or so tightly packed with nosy people that I feel too self-conscience to play anything.

  • KuraraII KuraraII
    Posted March 22, 2014 at 6:06 PM | Permalink


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