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Retroware TV Daily Recaps at E3!

Roo, Pat the NES Punk, and Eric (from Let’s Get) all went to E3 this year on behalf of Retroware TV to cover and commentate their thoughts on the Big 3, new “retro-themed” games, and the rest of the 3rd party offerings.  Watch their daily recaps below to hear all about it! Day 1: Microsoft, […]

E3 2011: Interviews on Metagame & Galaga Legions DX

We finish up our slate of interviews from E3 by first joining two developers of Metagame – the card game about video games!  Almost more of a social experiment than a traditional game, Metagame results in debates about the very core of what makes up video games.  You can watch the interview and then check […]

E3 2011: Interviews with Danny Day (Desktop Dungeons) and Dan Lic...

Our first interview from E3 is with Danny Day, co-creator of one of the finest roguelikes to come along in quite awhile.  Desktop Dungeons, an independent game that has already received awards and was featured at the Indiecade booth this year, is an addictive jaunt that lends itself well to quick or long play sessions […]

Summer 2011 Update - E3, Anniversary, & More

You know you want to find up what CotGW has planned for the next month…