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D&D with Roo, Spoony, Linkara, & Mike "Birdman" Dodd

A magnificent event occured recently at ConBravo 2012 – Big Mike from the 404s mastered a game of Basic D20 (akin to Dungeons and Dragons) with Roo, Spoony, Linkara, & Mike “Birdman” Dodd.  Watch the whole experience from beginning to end as they load up their dice and get their adventure on. Big thanks to […]

It's Not 1982 Anymore, Fellas

Honest to God, I’m normally not one to cry about depriving prisoners of some of the creature comforts us law-abiding citizens get to enjoy, but this story about a judge that will not allow D&D to be played by inmates is a bit cruel and unusual.  I mean, the whole basis of the decision is that […]