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16-Bit Gems - #34: Plok!

Roo is back again with a casualty of the “cutesy character flood” of 1993. Plok looks like any number of platformers on the Super Nintendo, but look deeper and you’ll find one of the most original and fun games on the system. With a worthy challenge, to boot!

16-Bit Gems #33: Dragon Quest III

Roo brings back 16-Bit Gems in style with the finale of the 4-part Dragon Quest retrospective! After looking at the history of RPGs, the Super Nintendo remakes of DQ 1&2, and the modern classic of Dragon Quest VIII, he brings things back to the most popular entry in the series – Dragon Quest III. Find […]

16-Bit Gems #32: Dragon Quest I & II

16-Bit Gems is back! After a short haitus, Roo continues his mini-retrospective on the Dragon Quest series. This time, he looks at the definitive versions of the first two games, and examines how they influenced dozens of console RPGs to come. So grab your horned hat and watch the slimes draw near – the Dragonlord’s […]

16-Bit Gems Extra #2: Cleaning Retro Video Game Cartridges

Waiting for that lazy slob to make more 16-Bit Gems?  Wash your disappointment away as Roo shows you some tips and tricks to make your neglected video game cartridges look like new… -ish.  Clean your retro games and keep history alive in the latest 16-Bit Gems Extra!