16-Bit Gems

  • 16-Bit Gems
  • A look back at hidden gems from gaming’s storied past. Focuses primarily on the SNES/Genesis era, exploring everything from platformers to RPGs and beyond.
  • Roo
Weekly Wringer

  • The Weekly Wringer
  • Every week the Commodore wades into gaming, movies, TV, and more, answering hard-hitting (and softball) questions about industry, fandom, and more.
  • The Commodore
Echo Screen Live

  • Echo Screen Live
  • It’s the CotGW official podcast! Played live on wednesdays, it also gets recorded and uploaded to the site in both video and audio formats. Come join the geekery in our live chat!
  • Roo & The Commodore
The Way Games Work

  • The Way Games Work
  • How does the NES Zapper actually function? Is the Kinect watching me while I’m naked in my living room? Roo untangles the answers to such questions! Now put on some pants already.
  • Roo