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    I use to watch every Walt Disney animated movie that was released when I was a kid, one reason would be that every Christmas there would be at least two kids movies as presents most likely they would be a Walt Disney movie but not always. When watching the animated movies I noticed that the bad guy/villain would always die, the first movie I predicated on how the bad guy/villain would die was in Tarzan and I was correct when it happened. Since then I didn’t watch many more Disney animated movies since. The latest Disney movie I watched was Up due to being forced to the theater, it was a good movie but the bad guy …… I predicated how he would die.

    Lately I been buying a lot of Walt Disney VHS movies, mix of live-action and animated since they are now a dollar a piece, use to be $4.99 – $14.99 (depending on the popularity) from a second hand store I go to regularly. As an adult watching/re-watching the animated movies I noticed that there are sexual references in the way people talk to/about the opposite sex. (Example: Sebastian is talking to Ariel’s daughter and he is talking about being a young crab and how it was awkward with small claws than he says one day “these whoppers pop out” than both of his claws fill the screen.) Another thing I notice in The Lion King Timon says, “Go for the jugular.”… So a Walt Disney movie is now telling how the kill someone?

    So between the ‘that if you do bad stuff you should die’, ‘sexual references’ and ‘teaching how to kill’ why is it that Walt Disney animated movies are kid movies?

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