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    I have quite a few games to share but I would be suprised the amount of info to to do a complete video review



    7th saga

    maybe a fan subed game like secret of mana 3 , star ocean , tales of phantasia

    Great to finaly join the clan

    long time fan from the great white north Canada




    EDIT: Sorry for the double post.



    Kirby’s Dream land 3 is a really fun game with a charming aesthetic that semms to be commonly overshadowed by Kirby Super Star. Goof Troop also doesn’t seem to be very talked about, but it does have some interesting co op gameplay and unique puzzles.



    Perhaps Yume Nikki, its a pretty deep game and is pretty 16-bit



    there have been already so many great suggestions, and I have some same ones. But anyway, here are my suggestions.

    Super off road (Genesis/SNES)

    Outrun (Genesis)

    Mega Bomberman (Genesis)

    Shining Force I & II (Genesis)

    Micro Machines games for genesis. Really good games in my opinion, and the j-cart versions are great party games as up to 8 players can play at the same time. At least Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 96 and Micro Machines Military had the j-cart. It’s hard to gather that many people to play one game but when you do it’s so much fun.

    Super Off Road (Genesis/SNES)

    World of Illusion Starring Donald and Mickey (Genesis)

    Demon’s Crest (SNES)

    BattleTech (Genesis) This also has a cool co-op two player mode where one player controls the movement of the mech and the other one aims and shoots.

    Lemmings 1 & 2. The Lemmings 1 on Amiga, Genesis and SNES has a splitscreen multiplayer also, dont know if Lemmings 2 has also, maybe?

    All New World Of Lemmings (DOS/Amiga). Known as The Lemmings Chronicles in North America. They changed the gameplay for this one, and I consider it to be a overlooked gem of a game.


    Hey, Roo. I just finished your 16-Bit Gems on Dragon Quest I & II. Awesome job. I loved it a lot. Anyway, it would mean the world to a good friend of mine if you did a video on Shadowrun. He got himself a copy of the Genesis version recently, and loves the hell out of it. Keep up the brilliant work.

    P.S. Sorry that I haven’t posted much on here lately. Real life really got in the way of things, which prevented me from visiting this site as often as I used to.



    I know that your goal was to review fairly unheard of games, but I think that some really good games on the SNES have been forgotten over the years. Yeah, most people still know ALttP, Metroid, Final Fantasy, and most Mario games… but there is one title that has been surprisingly forgotten by a lot of people I’ve asked.

    Super Mario RPG. It actually did become quite popular for a brief time JUST before the release of the Nintendo 64, but it seems like almost everyone has since either forgotten about it or never heard of it. Even people who’ve played and enjoyed the Paper Mario series haven’t heard of it, and it’s really the beginning of that whole concept.

    I’ve had to inform a lot of people that it existed and convince them to play it, and they always thanked me in the end. The game is especially important to me because it was the game that got me interested in RPGs.



    I looked through a couple pages of this thread and noticed a few good ones missing, though they might have been mentioned elsewhere.

    Brain Lord (SNES)
    Super Nova (SNES)

    Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium (Genesis)

    I have to ask, though, Roo. Would you consider them for your show if only they are obscure games, or can they be great games that are kind of known by hardcore fans but not quite by many other people? If that’s the case, PSIV’s probably out. I will definitely look through my collection when it all arrives and see what else I could recommend.


    I saw some one mention King Arthur’s World. I would love to hear your take on the game Roo.



    as a long time PC gamer, I am saddened by the lack of DOS games on 16bit gems. DOS was a 16 bit platform and is as such part of the scope of the series. Stuff released for play on 386 machines on up through Pentium 2, till the release of Windows 98 which was 32bit.

    Stuff like;

    Life and Death…the only time you can play HOUSE M.D.

    Jazz Jackrabbit. Think Sonic…mixed with Loony Tunes…with a hoverboard.

    The Neverhood…the Earthbound of PC. A quirky game in its own right, released at a time when its genre wasn’t getting much attention.

    Commander Keen (series). Before DOOM and Wolfenstein, there was Commander Keen…a great series of platformers for DOS.

    Star Control 2, a space game where the main character is such a dick, you are able to tell alien races how ugly they are. No need to sugar coat it, they’d eat that too.

    Wing Commander: Privateer…if only to see Roos face when he finds out you can deal in human and drug trafficing.

    Ultima Underworld…well any ultima aside from the console ports can be seen as hidden gems.

    Under A Killing Moon..a good FMV game.

    Ripper…another good FMV game with Christopher Walken and Burgess Meridith.

    Shadow Warrior…think Duke Nukem 3D…but the main character is Asian, and he makes John Woo, and Kung Fu movie jokes.

    Blood..Think Duke Nukem 3D, but the main character is the living dead and he makes fun of horror movies.

    Sim City 2000 Network Edition. Sim City 2000, online!

    Grim Fandango. Another Tim Schaefer classic that went nowhere.

    Beavis and Butthead Virtual Stupidity. Just a minigames pack with a Beavis and Butthead twist.

    Chips Challenge (from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack)



    Just stumbled onto the site today, just finished watching a dozen or so GEM episodes. Awesome job!! Great to see non-mainstream retro games like Mother 2 and Tenchi Souzou getting some attention *outside* of Japan. I’ve only played the Japanese versions though, and I just can’t bring myself to calling them Earthbound and Terragaea 🙂

    I recommend these RPGs (but have no idea whether they’ve even been released in the US):
    Herakuresu no Eikou III & IV (Atlus)
    ..aka Glory of Hercules. Esp. III is EPIC, bit of a grind but the last 1/3 or so will blow your mind.
    Mystic Ark (Enix)
    ..sequel to 7th Saga, neat story, battles had a ‘gambit’ system and you could combine items and gear
    Rudra no hihou (Square) me, on par with FF IV or V
    Treasure Hunter G (Square)
    ..heartwarming tale of 2 kids (brothers) looking for their missing dad, a famous adventurer

    And some better-known ones:
    Breath of Fire I & II
    Star Ocean
    Dragon Quest IV – VI (well, duh!)

    Too bad GBA is 32-bit, there are some excellent minor-ish games for that platform as well (Oriental Blue, Lunar Legend, Magical Vacation).

    Oh hell it’s 4 AM already 🙂


    On The Ball would be an interesting game, since it was ported to the SNES from an arcade game. It also wasn’t very popular either, and is a fairly fun game for me personally.


    @Supercooltoaster I was thinking of suggesting during the marathon that they play On The Ball, preferably with the SNES Mouse to see how it played with the mouse. Myself On The Ball is one of my favourites SNES games.


    Jax Mandrake

    Long time Gems viewer.  I can support a great deal of these suggestions but I’m rather disheartened to note the absence of one title that screams to get its own video:

    Operation Logic Bomb.

    It’s an overhead-view exploratory sci-fi shooter for Super NES by Jaleco.  The difficulty is a touch unbalanced and it’s fairly short, but aside from that it’s largely forgotten because it was released in the midst of a flood of 16-bit greatness.  If I’m not mistaken, its engine was also used in a firefighting game called The Ignition Factor, which might also make a good Gem episode.


    Jacob West

    Just recently ran across your series and really enjoy the ol trips down memory lane.  I like that even if you have played the game your shows still offer extra info that I had never known.

    I know you are probably sick of RPG suggestions and I’m not sure if Sega CD is even in your realm but a game that I always look back to as one of my first real sellers on the JRPG is Vay, localized by Working Designs and more recently has even shown up on the iOS platform.

    Anywho, looking forward to the continued videos.

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