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    Mark P. Tjan

    As most of you are no doubt aware, the site has changed MASSIVELY.

    We’ve moved from Drupal to WordPress, from the old layout to the new, and migrated the old forum over to bbPress because bbPress is awesome.

    But there’s also the issue of mo’ money, mo’ problems, or in this case, mo’ site revisions, mo’ problems. If you’re browsing the site and you see things like REALLY out of place – or even just kinda weird-looking – please let us know! We want to fix it and make this site a totally excellent experience for everyone who comes here.


    Nice I was going to post this screenshot here anyways.


    Mark P. Tjan

    Thanks! Twitter is fixed and so is the Super-Sticky (or at least they should be). Good catches!


    The Onion Knight

    The site is looking great, Mark Tjan! But I have a question: I have to use WordPress to use my old account here on CotGW but I can’t seem to make a comment on topics on the home page, like the weekley wringer because I need an account with Disqus. Do I need to make another account or do I need just one?


    I have been trying to figure how to re-upload my avatar with no luck and noticed that my profile and anyone with spaces in their names are lacking info and are called ‘s Profile, but when I check the profiles of people with spaces in their name while not signed I get Page Not Found.


    Mark P. Tjan

    >The Onion Knight – I will find ASAP. I think you only need a regular site account, but let me make sure.

    >The Male White Mage – That’s… really weird. I’ll look into that too. It may be a problem with converting from Drupal.


    Mark P. Tjan

    Hm, all right so apparently it is an issue with the conversion from Drupal. Let me see what can be done. At the very least, everyone who has spaces in their names will have to login as a non-spaced version and can THEN set their alias with spaces.


    Mark P. Tjan

    Fixed. You can actually log in as usual. It was just a problem with the user column in MySQL converting over with spaces instead of underscores.


    Mark P. Tjan

    >The Onion Knight – So looks like Disqus and our site do in fact use separate user accounts, which was actually something I was unclear on. We may revert then to WordPress’ default commenting system instead for now so users don’t have to pull double-duty. I’m waiting on the judgement call from Roo and the Commodore and we’ll see where that goes.

    Wow, lots of multiposting from me today. >_>


    The underscores…. I take it that they must be there. Myself if spaces are not allowed I would go with TheMaleWhiteMage instead, but oh well at least I don’t have to type the underscores to login.

    However about avatars since I can now edit my profile I can’t seem to find how to upload one.



    The Onion Knight

    Awesome, thank you Mark!


    Mark P. Tjan

    Well the good news is that the underscores don’t actually show up in the usernames. They’re just so the server understands how to parse your profile URL. They’re masked otherwise with names that have spaces.

    Also, local avatars can now be set.


    Thanks, now I have one large blurry Chaos on my profile page.

    “Okay, so Weekly Wringer should be functioning properly now under Shows. Lemme know if any episodes are missing.”
    ~Mark P. Tjan

    #3 is missing.
    #7 won’t load (even on
    #61 is duplicated (this might be due to one episode that didn’t post property when it first came out since I remember a video that only showed up on the tracker page and nowhere else.)
    (Notice no comments on this one) –
    (Notice the different date than the above link) –
    #77 is missing.

    Red Mage
    Red Mage

    Noticing a couple of bugs. My account is listed as Guest in forum role on the profile page and none of the old post I’ve made are showing in my profile. I checked and the posts still are present in the forum. Also when I go into my profile page, if I put the mouse cursor of the blank avatar it says the page belongs to a “gravatarmysteryman” It seems might account might be merged with another or something.


    Noticed a font colour issue with “This forum contains # topics and # replies, and was last updated by

    As I noticed Red Mage’s profile still had spaces I decided to look through the forums for usernames with spaces and noticed the following.
    Vulcan Assassin –
    GarrettK of SG1 –
    Yoshi 3000 –

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