Hungarian RPG Maker games – why was it so popular here?

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    Varga Nándor

    I just saw the 16-Bit Gems episode about Lufia II, and I noticed, that there was a short clip from a Hungarian RPG Maker game at 16:20 or so. Seeing it made me think: why is a Hungarian game in an English-speaking game review? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that RPG Maker was really popular in the last decade?

    I was a developer at a rather famous RPG Maker developer team in Hungary, Dzsembori. We made rather unorthodox RPG games, because there were no fighting involved. I joined the team because the guys’ first game was so much of a hit in 2004, that there was a big chance that you would find it in a PC in a public library around the country. It was absurdly popular, and I can’t really figure it why. At that time, not so many people knew English, so RPG games weren’t that much of a thing here like in the USA. I know a lot of people who played RPG Maker games, but never played a real RPG on a console. Still, they loved RPG Maker games.

    Maybe the cause of this popularity is that RPG Maker games are free, and back then there were no torrents, and people had outdated PC-s so they couldn’t play with modern games, and they were bored of the old ones. Maybe this was the case, but I’m still not sure about it. But the fact is that nowadays RPG Maker games are not as popular as back in the days. Maybe people have more advanced PC-s, and the children rather play Call of Duty than searching for something weird and funny, like a typical Hungarian RPG Maker game.

    What do you think? This really made my head spin, and I do not have a 100% sure answer.
    And of course, why did Roo choose a Hungarian RPG Maker game in the review?

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