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    I am new to these forums, and I have registered for a boldfacedly selfish reason.

    See, I saw some Clan of the Gray Wolf videos on youtube, and in particular I really liked the four-part retrospective on Dragon Quest and it’s part in the history of video game RPGs- the first part, about the history of the genre, was especially informative, as while I’ve been a fan of Dragon Quest for many years, I didn’t know much about things like Ultima and Wizardry. I also enjoyed the Seaquest DSV video, as I’ve always had a sort of morbid curiousity/soft spot for that poor troubled show.

    But the real reason I’m here is this: near the beginning of the Dragon Quest I & II review (starting about 20 seconds in), there are a series of pictures representing games in the series. In all the time I’ve pent looking for Dragon Quest pictures on the internet I have never seen the specific portraits used for Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II- these two pictures (taken from screenshots of the video):

    Is there anywhere I can download the full, original versions of these pictures? I would love to get my hands on them. I own a hard copy of Dragon Quest I & II Super Famicom official guide book, and these two specific pictures aren’t even in there.

    If anyone reads this, thank you very much for your time, and if you know where to find them, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

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