Echo Screen Live #84: Convince Me - Twin Peaks / David Lynch

Twin Peaks, the surreal early 90’s TV drama, is returning under the watchful eye of original creator David Lynch. This is one of Commodore’s favorite series – Roo remains unconvinced that it’s much more than absurdist film-making 101 for weirdos to circlejerk over. Which one is right? We’ll find out on this Convince Me episode of Echo Screen Live!

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  • TalOrtRal
    Posted August 15, 2016 at 10:35 AM | Permalink

    Hey guys! Do you know if something is going on with the feedburner for Echo Screen? It used to be that the audio of each podcast lagged behind the text update by about 2 weeks. Now it seems to be lagging further, or maybe just not updating all together. The last 3 podcasts, back to June 29th, are showing up in the feed but without audio. Thanks for the great show as always!

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