Echo Screen Live #28: ZOMBIES! (8/21/13)

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Tonight’s topic: ZOMBIES! … what more is there to say?

All that and your questions on this episode of Echo Screen Live!


  • me0wzers
    Posted August 22, 2013 at 3:56 AM | Permalink

    The reason why zombie/superhero movies and other content aimed at subcultures liek us is so popular at the moment is that shows like this (I love this show.. no negativity implied) give them free publicity. They do not “know” how to do ‘new’ social media ‘advertising’. They are starting to see that all they have to do is thrust out a property we may like and water it down enough for mass consumption, and sit back smiling as the community gives it free promo. That is why they pander to us and that is why the media they throw at us like a splooge filled waterballoon is always watered down and sub par. They want to give us juuuust enough to flood YT and Blip with ads for them, while at the same time making treasured properties into focous grouped ballox. Meow. Just mah opinion… >w>

  • Posted August 26, 2013 at 3:40 AM | Permalink

    “Resident evil… is my favorite movie”
    – The Commodore

  • Posted August 26, 2013 at 4:38 AM | Permalink

    Games for the SNES?
    Man you guys listed quite a few really expensive games (given their generation.)

    Final fantasy 2 – $20
    Donky kong country – $12.99
    Illusion of giaia – $17.99
    Mega man x – $24.94
    Star fox – $9.90
    Super Metroid – $38.94
    Super Mario world – $12.94
    Super Mario kart – $18.99
    total = $125 +
    32 shipping
    ~$157Ish for the affordable snes collection.

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