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Weekly Wringer 108: Of Videogames and Anime

Ever wonder why videogames and Anime seem to show up everywhere together? Today, the Commodore tries to figure out why using your comments from last time. And for next week, there’s a question about the legitimacy of professional gaming. It’s the Weekly Wringer! MP3 Only Version:¬†Weekly Wringer 108

Weekly Wringer 106: Nintendo Hardware Questions

Time to talk Nintendo today as the Commodore looks back on last week’s question about whether the big N should stay in the hardware business. And then it’s off to a question for next time about encyclopedic knowledge of videogame universes. It’s the Weekly Wringer! MP3 Only Version:

Weekly Wringer 105: Embarrassed by Gaming in Public?

In this Episode, the Commodore talks about being ashamed by your games. In public that is. Ever felt the gaze of onlookers as you bring out the PS Vita or 3DS? Or do you not care a lick about non-gamers and their opinions? All angles are discussed. And then it’s a question for next time […]

Weekly Wringer 104: Gaming Genres on the Go!

In this Episode, the Commodore talks about gaming genres that are easier to pick up on the go. Digging a little deeper into this topic, a question appears about our willingness to play games in front of other people. Maybe you’re embarrassed and maybe you’re not. But either way you have an opinion and we […]

Weekly Wringer 103: TWD vs. Resident Evil

In this episode the Commodore discusses the zombie question from last week involving Resident Evil vs the Walking Dead. After pulling in his own perspective on this clash of zombie universes, he asks a question for next week about the games you play on the go. It’s the Weekly Wringer!

Weekly Wringer 102: The Extinction of AAA Titles

In this episode, the Commodore learns he needs to use better wording when asking questions, while he discusses the extinction (or lack thereof) of AAA Titles in the videogame industry. What do recent events tell us about the future of AAA titles? And if you like zombies, then next week’s question is for you. It’s […]