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Wringers, The Chat Question, and a New Feature?

Greetings friends! I, the Commodore have a few items to bring to your attention that you may find useful or potentially even interesting. Lacking a better way to get you all this info, I thought I’d just put it in a post for all to see! Here goes. First, I’m working on a way to […]

Chatroom Details

Hey folks, if you’re the social type (don’t worry, this won’t involve going outside), you can join us on chat via the nifty new chat tab which has our embedded client in it. If you want to use a client, set your server to and join the channel #ClanoftheGrayWolf. If you want a client […]

Site Updates – Audio Edition

So I did an audio edition of updates, including what we’re doing right now to enhance the site and fix things that are broken. Give it a listen won’tcha?