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The Way Games Work: Wii U GamePad

The next generation of gaming consoles has begun, and first out the gate is the Wii U with its innovative GamePad.  Join Roo as he pries open its innards to find out the way the Wii U works. If you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) the video, I ask you please click here to visit the video’s […]

The Way Games Work: NES Zapper

The Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the most popular light gun ever for a home video game console.  Now it’s time to find out how it works: it’s quirks, it’s compatibility with modern technology, and yes – even the myths that surround it.

The Way Games Work: Wii Remote & MotionPlus

It may be old news by now, but the Wii remote still has some interesting technology up its sleeve.  Find out how it works, learn a few tricks, and discover if it can coexist with curious kittens.

The Way Games Work: Kinect for Xbox 360

If Kinect were a farm animal, what kind would it be?  But perhaps more importantly, how can Microsoft create a video game peripheral that espouses to recreate all of the motion control of the Wii and PlayStaion Move without an actual controller?  Roo takes aim at the last of the 3 big technical achievements to […]