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The Way Games Work: Wii U GamePad

The next generation of gaming consoles has begun, and first out the gate is the Wii U with its innovative GamePad.  Join Roo as he pries open its innards to find out the way the Wii U works. If you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) the video, I ask you please click here to visit the video’s […]

The Way Games Work: NES Zapper

The Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the most popular light gun ever for a home video game console.  Now it’s time to find out how it works: it’s quirks, it’s compatibility with modern technology, and yes – even the myths that surround it.

The Way Games Work: Wii Remote & MotionPlus

It may be old news by now, but the Wii remote still has some interesting technology up its sleeve.  Find out how it works, learn a few tricks, and discover if it can coexist with curious kittens.

The Way Games Work: Kinect for Xbox 360

If Kinect were a farm animal, what kind would it be?  But perhaps more importantly, how can Microsoft create a video game peripheral that espouses to recreate all of the motion control of the Wii and PlayStaion Move without an actual controller?  Roo takes aim at the last of the 3 big technical achievements to […]

The Way Games Work: PlayStation Move

Roo explains the inner workings of the upcoming PlayStation Move peripheral.  Just how much is it like the Nintendo Wii? How well can we expect the motion controls to work? And what’s with that glowing ball on top? Answers to these questions and more in this episode of "The Way Games Work".

The Way Games Work: Nintendo 3DS

In a new series, Roo explains in depth the technology behind the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS – and also uncovers how other 3D methodologies work along the way.  All while slipping in a picture of Christina Hendricks and a potshot at Avatar.  What more could you want? Programming Note: “The Way Games Work” is a […]