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Echo Screen Live #81: The Internet Echo Chamber

Man, Donald Trump sucks, amirite? I mean, that’s what everyone online says… unless you support him, then everyone hates Hillary Clinton. People have long sought out like-minded people, and the internet makes this easier than ever. But what does it mean when so many people can wall themselves inside their own sanitary echo chamber? Join […]

Echo Screen Live #80: Eternal September

What happens when so many people join a community that it collapses under the suckitude? Well, you get Eternal September. “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” Is this a real phenomena (online or in the real world), or just a way for people to feel superior? The guys discuss. Join and chat with us […]

Echo Screen Live #79: Better Gaming Through Emulation

Emulation. The big E. The Scourge of gaming companies everywhere… or is it? Does emulation of video games really hurt the industry? Or is there a way it could become profitable? The guys discuss. Join and chat with us live every other Wednesday at 9pm EST. We’re now a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Android […]

Echo Screen Live #78: The MUSICAL!

MUSICALS! Who doesn’t love them? … Besides the Commodore. Roo tries his best to convince Commie to embrace the showtune, and also discuss why musicals are not only everywhere you least expect, but also powerful teaching tools: from learning about the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury to why you shouldn’t feed plants human blood. […]