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Echo Screen Live #88: State of the Star Wars Union

We’re now two movies into the Disney-ification of Star Wars. So how do we feel about it? Is the future all rainbows and light side? Or are we resigned to mediocre movies with creepy CGI actors in them every year until we’re all dead? Join and chat with us live every other Wednesday at 9pm […]

Echo Screen Live #87: Cold Open

Surprise! The guys begin the show with a cold open, not having at all discussed the topic or topics of the night beforehand. Join us in a freewheeling discussion between two nerds where everything is on the table… Join and chat with us live every other Wednesday at 9pm EST. We’re now a podcast on […]

Echo Screen Live #86: Truth in Advertising

After the debacle of No Man’s Sky, the guys decide to talk about promises from video game advertisements and sneak peaks – how truthful are they? Should we just expect games to be over-hyped nowadays? What are the worst examples? That and more in this week’s episode. Join and chat with us live every other […]

Echo Screen Live #85: Spoilers!

Spoilers… why do we avoid them? Isn’t the journey of a well told story the greatest reward of fiction? Nah. The guys discuss the nature of spoilers, why some people avoid them, why some don’t, and some of our favorites. WARNING, this podcast may contain… well, you get it. Join and chat with us live […]