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Echo Screen Live #64: Game Design From Dummies

AAA video games can cost millions of dollars to make these days, but the game design behind these blockbuster titles can be lacking. Time to open up a discussion about what players are actually looking for in game design from a couple of dummies. That, news tids and bits, and your questions on this Canada […]

Echo Screen Live #63: E3 2015 Wrapup

Another E3 has passed, and the guys discuss the good, the bad, and the Nintendo of 2015’s biggest gaming trade show! That, news tids and bits, and your questions on this episode of Echo Screen Live! Join and chat with us live every other Wednesday at 9pm EST. We’re now a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, […]

Echo Screen Live #62: The Silk Road to Hell...

Silk Road – a drug trafficking website, among other things – was recently shut down and its founder captured by the US Government. What does this mean for the “wild west” of the internet? Does this signal the downfall of anonymity and near-complete freedom on the internet? And if so, is that ultimately good or […]

Echo Screen Live #61: The Place of Politics in Video Games

Politics and video games go together like peanut butter and motor oil – or do they? The intersection of these topics has been happening for decades, but are video games the correct battlefront to argue about feminism, violence, and free speech? Or is it just an artistic medium that is meant to be enjoyed? That, […]