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Echo Screen Live #61: The Place of Politics in Video Games

Politics and video games go together like peanut butter and motor oil – or do they? The intersection of these topics has been happening for decades, but are video games the correct battlefront to argue about feminism, violence, and free speech? Or is it just an artistic medium that is meant to be enjoyed? That, […]

Echo Screen Live #60: Has Hollywood Lost Its Way?

With every passing decade, it seems like Hollywood creates more sequels, remakes, and adaptations – and less original content. But is this really the case? And if so, is it a problem? The guys discuss and debate. That, news tids and bits, and your questions on this episode of Echo Screen Live! Join and chat […]

Echo Screen Live #59: Games That Are Art

Video games as art is an old debate, but maybe it’s time the guys put forth their candidates for which games truly meet the definition. What games evoke emotion and feeling – without getting into characters or story? What games push mental ability? What exemplifies video games as a medium for storytelling that rivals literature, […]

Echo Screen Live #58: The Rise and Fall of G4

At the turn of the century, G4 and TechTV showed a promising future of geek-related content in mass media. But after a merger, the channel faded and eventually ceased to exist by 2014. What happened, could it have been avoided, and what does it say about geek content in new media? That, news tids and […]