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Echo Screen Live #86: Truth in Advertising

After the debacle of No Man’s Sky, the guys decide to talk about promises from video game advertisements and sneak peaks – how truthful are they? Should we just expect games to be over-hyped nowadays? What are the worst examples? That and more in this week’s episode. Join and chat with us live every other […]

Echo Screen Live #85: Spoilers!

Spoilers… why do we avoid them? Isn’t the journey of a well told story the greatest reward of fiction? Nah. The guys discuss the nature of spoilers, why some people avoid them, why some don’t, and some of our favorites. WARNING, this podcast may contain… well, you get it. Join and chat with us live […]

Echo Screen Live #84: Convince Me - Twin Peaks / David Lynch

Twin Peaks, the surreal early 90’s TV drama, is returning under the watchful eye of original creator David Lynch. This is one of Commodore’s favorite series – Roo remains unconvinced that it’s much more than absurdist film-making 101 for weirdos to circlejerk over. Which one is right? We’ll find out on this Convince Me episode […]

Echo Screen Live #83: Convince Me - Pokemon Go

It’s more popular than Twitter. It’s the most popular mobile game ever. It’s on local news puff pieces across the country. Pokemon Go has accomplished all this in less than a week, yet the Commodore still needs to be convinced to dip his toe in the pool. Pokemon Go is love. Pokemon Go is life. […]