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Echo Screen Live #67: Cordcutting Inc.

More people are cutting the TV cord than ever before – with an increasing number of streaming video options, what is the future of pay TV? What will keep the industry alive, if anything? And what keeps people from making the jump? This and your questions in tonight’s Echo Screen Live. Join and chat with […]

Echo Screen Live #66: Misappropriation of Geek Culture

The recent release of the Adam Sandler vehicle, Pixels, has reignited a frequent argument lately – is geek culture being misused by people solely for their own gain? And if so, is that really the problem some make it out to be? The guys discuss, along with news and your questions! Join and chat with […]

Echo Screen Live #65: The Legacy of Satoru Iwata

The unfortunate passing of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has caused the gaming world to pause in reflection to respect a giant of the industry, and the guys take time to discuss how his legacy and leadership style will influence others for years to come. Join and chat with us live every other Wednesday at 9pm […]

Echo Screen Live #64: Game Design From Dummies

AAA video games can cost millions of dollars to make these days, but the game design behind these blockbuster titles can be lacking. Time to open up a discussion about what players are actually looking for in game design from a couple of dummies. That, news tids and bits, and your questions on this Canada […]