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An EarthBound Bubble?

As this article at EarthBound Central shows, the price for copies of EarthBound have been skyrocketing in recent years – matching the price of a good used car for complete sets in mint condition.  Now, it’s true that Nintendo’s not making any more of these carts, and even a virtual console release is all but […]

The Video Game Years

Alright, guys.  Here’s a project that’s perhaps one of the best things I’ve contributed to since starting the website.  The Video Game Years is an exclusive RetrowareTV show that examines the history, culture, and the oddities of video game history.  Much in the style of “I Love the …” shows on VH1.  Hopefully we’ll have […]

CotGW End of Year Update - 2011

The title pretty much says it all.

A Cave Story Retrospective

I always love seeing videos that can entertain and inform at the same time, and I’m really happy to share this amazing retrospective by Mark Carr (host of Indie Games Searchlight).  It’s on the granddaddy of the modern independent video game – Cave Story.  If you enjoyed it, I urge you to check out his […]