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Echo Screen Live #83: Convince Me - Pokemon Go

It’s more popular than Twitter. It’s the most popular mobile game ever. It’s on local news puff pieces across the country. Pokemon Go has accomplished all this in less than a week, yet the Commodore still needs to be convinced to dip his toe in the pool. Pokemon Go is love. Pokemon Go is life. […]

Echo Screen Live #82: The Future of Apple

Apple Inc. The behemoth. The most valuable company in the world. Is there any way that they could lose their way and be brought low in the corporate world again? Or can they weather any potential future missteps to come? What does a post-iPhone world look like? The guys discuss. Join and chat with us […]

Echo Screen Live #81: The Internet Echo Chamber

Man, Donald Trump sucks, amirite? I mean, that’s what everyone online says… unless you support him, then everyone hates Hillary Clinton. People have long sought out like-minded people, and the internet makes this easier than ever. But what does it mean when so many people can wall themselves inside their own sanitary echo chamber? Join […]

Echo Screen Live #80: Eternal September

What happens when so many people join a community that it collapses under the suckitude? Well, you get Eternal September. “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” Is this a real phenomena (online or in the real world), or just a way for people to feel superior? The guys discuss. Join and chat with us […]